The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever!
June 11, 2015

There’s only a few days left until 21st on June, the day when we celebrate our beloved fathers and at the same time the longest day of the year. Could this be a coincidence? It’s most definitely they intentionally picked the best day for the Father’s Day… Dads!

Well, either the case, there’s not much time left for you to buy the most awesome Father’s Day gift ever right here right now! Are you ready? Meet the Mooniva Belt! The 100% leather ratchet belt, with a perfect fit due to over 30 adjustable positions. So if your dad got curvier over the past year belly-wise, with the Mooniva belt you are sure it will come around. Catch my drift?

We all believe it’s high time you go for a high quality Father’s Day gift this year, and we are pretty sure this is what your dad thinks too. And what better present than something dads use every day and cannot go without?

A brand new belt! The thing that makes Mooniva belts special is that they have no holes, which means they won’t break as easily as the ones with holes that get bigger in time and make the belt easier to break.

The Mooniva belt is an excellent Father’s Day gift also due to the beautiful buckle and design that can match any taste. And you will see on our website we have a wide variety of models, one for each taste, and one for each father.

Show your dads you love them and make them proud for raising a son/daughter with such a fine taste in men’s fashion in general and accessories in particular by getting them one Mooniva belt as Father’s Day gift. Besides, we have an amazing offer for you!

We have a Father’s Day gift coupon “DAD2015” that comes with free shipping, 45 days return and a 1 year replacement guaranty. The prices on our site are unbeatable for fashion leather belts and you also get a free gift box with every Mooniva belt you buy. So why not get one for your grandpa as well? It’s his Father’s Day too.

If you got quite a belt from our amazing discounts and offers, why not literally get the Mooniva belt for Father’s Day? We tell you, it’s the best Father’s Day gift ever! And we’re not bragging.

Posted by Mooniva Staff
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