Mooniva Men's Leather Ratchet Belt - BBS0082BLACK - SS Diamond Stripe Buckle


This black leather belt has a beautiful texture applied on top of genuine leather. Its buckle has a metallic diamond and stripe pattern as seen.

Mooniva leather ratchet belt brings masculinity, attractiveness, ingenuity and sophistication to men's high fashion world.

ADJUSTABILITY:  Mooniva belts are more than 6X's more adjustable than traditional belts. Traditional belts have roughly 5 holes to adjust. Mooniva belts have more than 32 adjustable positions. Ever lose or gain a few pounds? How about after a big delicious meal?

PERFECT FIT: Mooniva belts adjust every ¼” unlike traditional belts with holes that are typically 1” apart.

QUICK ON & OFF: The intuitive release lever is easy and convenient for everyday use. With single hand and one squeeze, this belt can be removed at airport security gate in a flash. It's as easy and strong as airplane seat buckle.

UPSCALE vs. COMODITY: This 3.5cm belt enhances the confidence, durability and muscular to the center of your physique, comparing with most other ratchet or traditional belts with width of only 3cm to 3.15cm. Don't worry; it will fit nicely into all pants that you love to wear.

CUSTOMIZABLE STYLE:  You can easily swap and match your belt with any Mooniva ratchet buckles in the same category. The sturdy alloy or stainless steel buckles are finished with brushed matte black metal deco making it a lasting stylish collection in your wardrobe.

NO HOLES: No more worn-out, stretched-out, enlarged, poor-fitting belt holes. 

QUALITY:  We only make products that we will be proud to wear, stuff that not only appeals to our unique taste, but also best quality in its category. Our genuine leather belt uses best in class material and craftsmanship. The life-time guaranteed buckles are made of high-grade alloy or stainless steel parts. You never need to buy another "Old-Fashioned" synthetic belt with holes that will deform within months.


GUARANTEEIf you don't love your belt, return it within 45 days and we'll refund your money. Why are we doing this? Close to 99% of people who tried this belt love it. So we truly believe you will too.


  • Swap buckles from our large selection of highest quality ratchet buckles on the market
  • Adjust the fitting range (you can cut your belt to fit your shrinking waist line)
  • One touch single-handed sliding buckle built with solid stainless steel with beautiful brushed metallic finish and stylish deco
  • YouTube video:


Gift Boxes:

If you are buying Mooniva belt as gift to someone and paid regular sales price without using coupon, you should indicate in the order so we will include a gift box as shown below.

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